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    Finding useful tax information online can be  tedious and frustrating.

    The websites below offer helpful government references and resources.
     The website links will open the  sites in a new window, so simply close the websites once you are ready to return to our site.

    Good luck!


    Useful Links  
    Federal Financial Aid Website (FAFSA) Savings for those in pursuit of a college education.
    EFC Calculator Gauge your financial aid eligibility using this calculator (related to the above link).
    IRS Forms & Publications Learn more about your tax responsibilities, and find tax forms on this useful website.
    Franchise Tax Board Information on tax topics at the state level, and find out about California's major tax programs.
    Tax Center Useful articles on stock option tax issues.
    TD AMERITRADE Useful tools for tax calculation and planning for retirement.


    3  1 11    Accounting Today                                                               More than $1.1 Billion in Tax Refunds Unclaimed -4/18/11 deadline to claim 2007 refund



                       T. Rowe Price                                                                           Individual 401(k) - Small Business Retirement Plans

    2 17 11    San Francisco Chronicle                                                        IRS' surprise tax break to self-employed seniors

    2  7  11    San Jose Mercury News                                                         By one measure, federal taxes lowest since 1950

    1  8  11     Wall Street Journal                                                                 What the 2011 Tax Changes Mean for You



    2  23 11    Sacramento Bee                                                        Under IRS rule change, same-sex couples must split income and may get tax break

    2  3   11     Small Business Chron                                                          Costs of an Employee Vs. Independent Contractor

    2 13 11     San Francisco Chronicle                                                     Same-sex couples have it tough with new tax rules

    2  8  11      U S A TODAY                                                                            Tax tips for the unemployed: What's deductible


    4  10  10    Business Week                                                                           The IRS Targets Independent Contractors

    1.24.09    N Y Times - Your money - A burdensome tax               Doing the Right Thing by Paying the Nanny Tax

    1.21.09    PDF File Economic Stimulus Act of 2008                      Implications for people with stock compensation

    5.30.09        N Y Times - Patient Money                                     Hidden Costs of High Deductible Policies


    3.19.09    San Jose Mercury News                                               Too-high offer could actually botch a short sale

    1.11.09     PDF File on Issues with Purchasing a Home                                       How to help son with down payment on house





    There are PDF files posted under various sections that will require you to have Adobe Acrobat or another PDF file viewer.
    For those without Adobe, you may either visit PDF995 or OpenOffice to download FREE PDF file viewers.



    1.26.09    Saving money on college education                               Applying earlier may increase aid amounts


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